Trip Preparation

Our parties always do a great job of managing the weight of both their supplies and packing! Thus, as a friendly reminder please keep your gear down to 125 lbs. or less per person to avoid the extra expenses associated with overload costs.

For larger parties, please try to arrive and depart in groups of eight. By doing so, we can quickly accommodate both you and your group into and out of camp via an Otter, which comfortably transports eight people and their gear. To maximize the value of your trip, please avoid members of your party arriving a day late or needing to leave early, which results in those members being charged for a full stay plus extra flight costs. Of course, this doesn’t apply to entire parties who arrive or leave a day earlier or later.

DEPOSITS: To book a trip at Ara Lake Camp, we request a 200$ deposit from each member in your party to hold a reservation. The requested deposit is due within 30 days of making your booking. Personal checks and money orders are accepted as deposits. Please note that deposits are not refunded due to cancellations, but will be applied to a future booking within the current fishing season. We suggest that your party organizer collect deposits from each member and send one check or money order to represent the group. Deposits will then be credited to each person at check out.

New Legacy Rates! In order to encourage father and son getaways or family vacations, we now offer the following discounts for kids:

  • Children ages 14 years and under – 50% adult rate!
  • Children ages 15 to 17 years – 75% adult rate!
  • We also offer a 5% Housekeeping Plan discount to all our parties from July 6 to August 17, 2018.

Although we no longer handle fishing and hunting licenses, Ara Lake Camp invites you to use the following online reference to conveniently access and print an E-license. Please Google “Service Ontario – Purchase Non-Resident fishing license” or click the following link: to connect with information about obtaining your license.

Live Bait Available! In response to your requests and as an added convenience for our Ara Lake fishing guests, we now have minnows for sale at camp.

Airbase Contact:
Leuenberger Air Service, Nakina, Ontario.

Our Fishing Packages Include:

  • Air transportation to and from camp from our Nakina, Ontario airbase.
  • Fully equipped housekeeping cabins featuring propane stoves and refrigerators, and solar lighting.
  • Bedding (clean white sheets, pillows, blankets, etc.).
  • Naden or Lund Boats w/9.9 HP motors and swivel seats (one boat for each two fishermen).
  • Unlimited boat fuel for the week.
  • Ice for weekly take-home catch.
  • Flight checks to outpost camps at least twice per week, weather permitting.
  • Hot showers and sauna.

Guests provide:

  • Fishing gear.
  • Licenses, which must be purchased prior to departure to camp.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Sleeping bags and pillows if booked at outposts.
  • Food, drinks, garbage bags, Ziploc bags for fish and coolers.
  • Towels.
  • Landing Nets.
  • A certified life vest to wear while boating.


  • 13% government HS TAX
  • Fish Cleaning
  • Baggage Overloads